Strength Through Distance
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Through the Tough Times….

I would be lying to you if I were to say we don’t fight, if I said we don’t argue, bicker, even hold slight grudges towards eachother. Some would say that shows frays and therefore it’s a sign that it’ll all fall down in the near future. Wrong!

There’s a saying that says “a relationship is like a house, if one light stops working you replace the bulb, don’t just buy a new house.” Arguments fester the longer they’re allowed to lie, if something’s seriously bothering the both of you or even one of you it must be discussed. It doesn’t mean you are mad at the other person or need them to change it just shows that you want an issue resolved so that the stress can dissolve and happiness can return. Krista isn’t a morning person and I massively am. I have been trying to get her up at 5.30 am 6 days a week to walk to the gym to train. I didn’t ask her to train with me she enjoys the time together. We fight though and we argue and that’s just how it is, she isn’t a morning person and I’m very serious about my health. Fact is that she will probably always have grumpy mornings and I’ll probably always be cranky when she looks like she doesn’t want to be there. That doesn’t mean she stops coming or I flip out. That just means we work on it, we accept that sometimes were gonna argue, we need to sort out our differences because that’s how relationships work. Guys I beg you, stick by one another, argue, bicker, fight, throw tantrums, just remember at the end of the day who it is who makes you smile, where you feel most warmth and what it is that’s most important in your life. Work won’t make you forever happy, nor will sport or training or food or anything, it’s a personal connection with the one that means the most that will bring happiness that otherwise is nonexistent. Stay strong guys and you will conquer the distance just like we did! It’s a never ending road even once your together but walk it with who matters most.

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Hey, my boyfriend and I recently got together, I'm going to England in Sep for uni and he has to stay here. Is there anyway we could make it work? We already talked about skyping everyday and trying to see each other once a month, any other ideas?
- h3lloluca

Oh course it can work, only if you’re willing to put in the effort. Having distance between you two makes everything so much more difficult but at the same time insanely worth it. Defiantly skyping as much as you possibly can, and visits shoul happen as well, but don’t expect them to happen.

When I say that I mean don’t look forward to seeing eachother every month right now because when you go over there, having a visit Everymonth may not be possible. So don’t be disappointed if it cannot happen. Also download a free texting app or if you both have iPhones it’s easier so you two can text for free.

Don’t give up on eachother, push through any hurt or loneliness

Stay strong and good luck